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  • Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co.,Ltd (SMCC)

    Shanghai Meiji is one of the biggest human resource centres for foreigners in Shanghai, China. We specialize in assisting foreign teachers and interns to come and establish a teaching career here in China.


    With its headquarters in Shanghai, one of the world’s most influential cities for economical growth, culture and education, Shanghai Meiji attracts talents from all around the world.

  • Strengths

    With more than eight years of experience in human resource management, Shanghai Meiji is an expert in the management of foreign teachers, recruitment, teaching training, placement, providing educational internships in China, orientation in China, teaching in China, and homestay in China.


    Working together with many top U.K. TEFL Centres, overseas schools, and human resources companies, SMCC attracts hundreds of interns to Shanghai each month. SMCC provides an arrangement of professional services for its teachers and interns, including the airport pickup, Visa service, retrieval of a temporary residence permit, recommendations for teaching positions, preparations for school introductions, intensive Chinese language courses, and online TEFL or TESOL learning courses.

  • Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co.,Ltd (SMCC)

    Shanghai Meiji is one of the biggest human resource centres for foreigners in Shanghai, China. We specialize in assisting foreign teachers and interns in pursuing their teaching career in China.


    With its headquarters in Shanghai, one of the world’s most influential cities for economical growth, culture and education, Shanghai Meiji attracts talents from all around the world.

Latest News

  • IEIC Education Fair Nov 2018

    It is a great honour to participate the education fair in Shanghai Exhibition Center last weekend.Shanghai Meiji managed to keep close relationship with the reputation schools and explore more opportunities in order to expand our network connecting with our clients.It was fun and grateful with this opportunity.

  • Autumn Trip Team Building

    A great day to have our team building in one of the most beautiful ancient town in Tong Li, Jiangsu Province last Friday. We really enjoyed it and the scenery was amazing. Lots of pictures were taken and hope we will be back soon.

  • 7-Day Intensive County-level English Teacher Training

    Finally the program was completed and everyone has done well.We feel honored especially for the help given by Ulink,which has make this program such a success.We plan to organize more such events to better and enrich the lives of Chinese English Language Teachers to benefit their students and society.

  • We're off to the United Kingdom!

    Our staff members, Mona and Linda, will be in the UK during the months of October and November 2017.  We are excited to meet many universities, colleges and students in the UK.  If you are a school, freelance recruiter or an agency, in the UK, looking for a partnership with Shanghai Meiji, we’d be happy to schedule a meeting and provide detailed information about recruitment for teaching in China!

  • Our Sixth Job Fair

    Held at Shanghai Jiaotong University, we held our sixth job fair with multiple schools and teachers attending!

  • Our UK Events

    We visited 7 different universities across the United Kingdom, including Southampton Solent, Plymouth, Bristol, Edingburgh, Edinburgh Napier, Sheffield and Kent Universities!

  • Our Fourth Job Fair

    On 19th of June, Shanghai Meiji hosted our 4th School and Teachers Job Fair at Shanghai Jiaotong University. This was a very successful event as we linked over 16 qualified teachers with 14 well-known schools located in Shanghai.

  • Our Third Job Fair

    On 30th of March, Shanghai Meiji Hosted the 3rd School and Teachers Job Fair at Jiaotong University. We would like to express our gratitude to Abacare and Oxford University Press for attending our Job Fair. At this event, we invited TED Guest Speaker Adrian Cahill. With poor weather that affected the day, attendance was limited but we certainly look forward to our next event!

  • Our Second Job Fair

    Shanghai Meiji Schools and Teachers Job Fair was held on the 8th of January 2015. We invited over 40 attendees to our successful Job Fair that help many candidates seek new opportunities. Oxford University Press and many more organisations attended this event. Please keep posted for the next Schools and Teachers Job Fair, which will be bigger and better than ever!

  • Our First Job Fair

    Shanghai Meiji's First Schools and Teachers Job Fair was held on the 18th of November 2014 at Jiaotong University. We invited over 30+ attendees to our first ever Job Fair that help many candidates find new opportunities. We would like to thank all the teachers and schools that attended.


TEC Programmes

Teaching Experience in China Programmes
We have four teaching programmes that are designed for TEFL teachers with different requirements.


This program is designed for TEFL graduates or non-graduates who would like practicum experience in teaching while traveling and learning a new culture. This internship allows candidates to experience actual classroom teaching experience without making a long term commitment until candidate is ready to pursue a career in teaching abroad. Our team is ready to offer support throughout your internship!


Our team can assist teachers who have more than 2 years experience teaching Language Arts, ESL and Early Years Childhood Education. If you would like to be placed in reputable schools that value your experience and credentials, we are confident that we can offer our services to you. We cooperate with numerous top schools of China and can readily arrange interviews for the teacher. From top private to international schools, we can assist in finding you the best fit according to your expectations and qualifications!


This program is designed for fresh graduates with at least a Bachelor’s Degree but do not have any teaching experience. This program offers a chance for fresh graduates to obtain extensive TEFL training and job placement, while enjoying the benefits of traveling and experiencing a new culture. This program is a yearly contract and will help you pursue your career in TEFL abroad! Our team is will provide necessary support to help you have a comfortable year.


Our team can assist teachers who have more than 2 years experience in STEM and/or Social Science subjects. Schools are continuously seeking qualified IB, A Level and AP Math, Chemistry, Physics, English, Literature, TOK, Philosophy, Biology, History, Geography, Business Management, Economics, etc. We cooperate with numerous top schools of China and can readily arrange interviews for the candidate. From top private to international schools, we can assist in finding you the best fit according to your expectations and qualifications!



To help potential and current organisations fully understand, the TEC (Teaching Experience in China) programme is a programme that allows new interns and teachers to smoothly transition life into Shanghai - allowing them to adapt to a new vibrant culture and surrounding.

TEC (Teaching Experience in China)

Orientation week – A week devoted to getting interns trained and comfortable in Shanghai. Practical experience – The rest of the internship is spent on gaining practical teaching experience and networking.


The main point of this programme is to help teachers become fully qualified TEFL teachers after receiving training during the orientation week. They will be assigned to a school placement and gain 5 months teaching experience.


There are hundreds of activities and different cultures to experience in Shanghai. Although new interns and teachers may be living in a foreign country for the first time, this will accelerate their language learning and cultural appreciation.


Though Shanghai can allow foreigners to live a fairly westernised life, they can also truly experience the authentic China here. It is easy to find traditional restaurants, Tai Chi classes and even people playing Chinese chess in parks.

Looking to co-operate with TEFL/TESOL organizations and freelance recruiters

Shanghai Meiji cooperates with over 100 world or national class schools throughout Shanghai and across China.

Our Services

The Services we provide

Shanghai Meiji provides many services to interns and teachers:

  • Job Placement
  • Visa Service
  • TEFL Course
  • TEC Programmes


  • HarryJan 1, 2019

    I trained with Sarah over the course of my induction week and I felt massively more confident from having her feedback and knowledge. Sarah provides an honest look into the life and work of a teacher working in Kindergartens in China. She presented me with an efficient guide to planning lessons and the right questions to ask your kindergarten to assess if the placement is right for you personally. In addition I got feedback upon what I had planned and my introduction and preparation for interviews meaning I had a great advantage in making a good first impression. I hope that Sarah will keep in touch as her knowledge and professional opinion are extremely helpful for both old and new EFL Teachers.

  • HannahJan 1, 2019

    I am writing today to thank you formally for all the time and work that you have put into working with me .The level of commitment and professionalism shown by you, has been quite extraordinary. It certainly has gone far above and beyond the scope of what might be expected. SARA is an excellent coach her approach according to both the needs of the business and the individual client. Her overall partnering skills are excellent, identifying appropriate touch-points throughout the engagement to ensure alignment and focus on skill improvement. In short a lot of words can be used to describe Sara but mostly I would like to highlight and put three big Red lines on 'amazing', 'professional', 'positive', 'up-lifting', 'supportive', 'understanding' and 'flexible'. She is very easy to work with and makes you feel really relaxed and comfortable. Very friendly and know how to give exactly the right advices. She was available to give answers for all my Questions and doubts during the whole period. She was very flexible and really great listener and understanding. Our sessions have been a very good learning experience for me as you made them great Fun with your smile . Would love to thank you again for all of the hard work and efforts .

  • ChrisJan 1, 2019

    Well, you've been an excellent help as my coordinator. Always friendly and helpful when I needed it, never felt like you weren't on my side. In summary, very positive experience, won't be hearing any complaints about you from me.

  • GwynettJan 1, 2019

    I am very Grateful that I had the honor of being helped by Sarah from Shanghai Meiji during my experience here in China, From the training she gave me, which was pretty good! Up until the point where I needed support with being away from home for too long. Sarah is amazing! The Support that I received from her I would rate 10/10

  • AIESECDec 28, 2018

    Meiji’s people are very nice and friendly,they give us instant help when we are unable in some troubles.This last a deep impression on me so l believe this company is worth cooperating with in the long run.What’s more,l feel a warm company culture from Meiji’s staff. Cooperating with Meiji gives me with growth and enjoyment. ——AIESEC in SISU Lily


    In more than half a year of cooperation with Meiji, their high efficiency and people-oriented business philosophy are much in line with what AIESEC insists always. To be honest, it is Meiji that has taught us how to communicate and work professionally with foreigners who want to work in China. And we sincerely appreciate Meiji's tolerance, understanding and sharing with us to grow better together. At the moment, we have already had great confidence in the job opportunities offered by Meiji when knowing that all of the talents matched from us are gaining the best experiencing, who really love the company and enjoy their work and life in China. Sincerely glad to establish the long-term and stable cooperative relations with Shanghai Meiji Culture Communication. Let's provide more cross-cultural experience opportunities for the world and bring in more excellent overseas talents for China. ——Tong, AIESEC in SUIBE


    It’s a very good company with friendly people and it’s my honor to cooperate with such a nice company. I can always get responses from WeChat immediately even after the working time. And the people in Meiji can always be patient to tell us what to do and forgive our mistakes. It’s so lucky to work with Meiji ——AIESEC in SISU Kira



  • DinaDec 27, 2018

    In the first days in Shanghai, i realized that i was dealing with real professionals. I'm talking about experts in Shanghai's Meiji culture. They helped me with everything. Here are people who are ready to help you at any time and with any question. It helps a lot when you come to China and you're all alone. Shanghai Meiji Culture Communication is a real team that guides and helps you in your journey. I could only dream of working in China. Now it has become a reality. Thanks for Shanghai Meiji !

  • JackDec 27, 2018

    "I'm greatly enjoying my time teaching and living in Shanghai. Upon arrival here, Shanghai Meiji quickly found me a job teaching kindergarten at a small international school in the centre of the city. It is great because the kids are such a pleasure to teach and I really get to see them making so much progress as I teach them the basics of English. I am lucky enough to both live and work in very central locations, so I have had a great opportunity to enjoy what the city has to offer. Thankfully also, my working hours are quite favourable so I have had the opportunity to travel at the weekends to several other cities in China."

  • ClairDec 25, 2018

    When I decided to work in China I had no idea about where to look for work, and knew a very little about their culture and country. Also because luck of experience me and my friend decided to refer to Shanghai Meiji company. It was very good idea because they helped us step by step. Just when we arrived to China, we were shocked and scared about communication, because we don't speak Chinese. But coordinator met us in airport, explained everything in details. Also we get help to make introducing video and demo class. Interviews were organised very quickly and we get job in couple days. I think that it's very good to have some support here in the beginning, because China is very different from countries which I visited before. One more good bonus is that the company provides us TEFL course, that gives us more opportunities in future.

  • KarimaDec 25, 2018

    Working in China was only a dream, yet Shanghai Meiji Culture Communication made it become true. I am very blessed to be one of the chosen foreigners by Shanghai Meiji to come and pursue my teaching career in China. This center aims to enhance education in China and contributes unintentionally in achieving many teachers' dreams by providing several opportunities to live this wonderful experience of teaching in an amazing culture and among very friendly, lovely and fantastic people. The staff of Shanghai Meiji are very professional, they are people who respect their words, they are accompanying me on my journey and they provide me with everything since my first arrival up to this moment. They are people who will never give up on you. In one word, if anybody ever wished to teach in China, I would definitely recommend them Shanghai Meiji Culture Communication. Thank you for everything

  • JulyDec 24, 2018

    I started working with shanghai Meiji one year ago, and since that time whenever I have problems or complaints they never hesitate to help me. Even though I had some difficulties with the school they were there for me all the time helping every step of the way. I hope in the future we will still get in touch no matter what.

  • HarryDec 24, 2018

    The team at Shanghai Meiji are incredibly warm and helpful towards all of the international expats who come to Shanghai. They care greatly about the teachers and want to make sure that you are comfortable and happy while also achieving the best possible result you can and furthering your career as well as widening your CV. Over the course of two weeks you will be placed at a school and they will help you to set up all the necessary arrangements in good time!

  • Ilya1Dec 21st, 2018

    The guys from Shanghai Meiji were truly helpful, the whole time in here was under the tireless guidance. I was taked care of, felt safe and in just 3 days was ready to work. Thank you guys, really appreciate it

  • JohnDec 21st, 2018

    I'm glad to have an experience with Shanghai Meiji. They take care of you and help to solve your problems. If you have any questions you can ask Shanghai Meiji and they will reply to you as fast as it possible. It is a great experience for me to work with this company.

  • MiaDec 20th, 2018

    I love my life in Lianyungang. And everything thanx to Shanghai Meiji company. I'm here already 3 months when we arrived to China they met us in the airport and helped with upcoming issues of training before the work, preparing demo class and of course finding work. During my work they never let us down and always help us if we have any questions. Shanghai Meiji is a reliable company!

  • PartnerDec 20th, 2018

    Shanghai Meiji is the company of people who care about their staff and clients.They are very professional in what they do .The programs are suitable as for a new teachers with O experience and for qualified and experienced educators.I like to cooperate with them as the process is always straight to the point,professional attitude and 100% success in the end!

  • PartnerDec 18th, 2018

    You, guys, really help lots of people to find not only their jobs, but also their places in China. It's really important to guide new teachers, cuz at first everything is just so new. And you help people to make their life in China a bit less stressful. Also thank you for finding great job positions for me and my friends :3

  • PartnerDec 18th, 2018

    It's so pleasant to cooperate with Shanghai Meiji! All my clients send me only positive references abour their experience of working for this company! I always receive the answers from the company very fast and it's so easy to work with them. The teachers are also happy as the company helps them a lot when they arrive to China. Hope our cooperation with Shanghai Meiji will be effective and pleasant in future!

  • PartnerDec 17th, 2018

    Just a little comment about our cooperation. It is always a pleasure to work with such professional partners who know their repsponsibilities and deliver exactly what was promised and signed in the contract. We wish all our partners could be such fans of what they are doing the same as Meiji! No doubts that our teachers who we are sending to Meiji are in caring, helpful, professional hands during all the contract period

  • AlinaDec 17th, 2018

    I am the recruiter for English teachers in China. I have been working with Shanghai Meiji for more than two years. We have helped over 20 teachers find suitable positions. I really enjoy working with this team. They are very welcoming, friendly, responsive and responsible from the very beginning. We always do our best to help our teachers according to their needs together. It is such a pleasure working with them.

  • AleksandraDec 14th, 2018

    I’ve been teaching in Shanghai for two months now at a training centre. I’m very happy with the work of Shanghai Meiji and agent September who was very attentive, helpful and caring. I can recommend this agency as they really care about the quality of job offers they propose to you, they are ready to meet your demands and are always ready to support you with any kind of information. The agency helped me to prepare for the interview and even gave me a training on my demo lesson which guaranteed a successful interview at the school. The school that was proposed to me turned out to be a great place where I met professional, creative and kind people. I enjoy every day at my school! For those who are looking for a teaching job in China I would recommend to scan youtube to get inspired from self-intro videos and demo lesson videos, then take time to talk with your agent and discuss your expectations. With Shanghai Meiji you will be in good hands! I’m very lucky to meet September and Shanghai Meiji team - with their help I have a great job and an amazing life here in Shanghai!

  • IlyaDec 14th, 2018

    Now i really like it It's a lot of fun working with kids. Sometime i teach my colleagues English, they teach me Chinese. We go out to eat every day, i've experienced a lot of chinese food. I try my best, thank you

  • HarryDec 13th, 2018

    I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my first day and some feedback! I have really enjoyed my first day of induction. All the teaching staff are lovely and the standard of learning with each tier is very high! It is great to Shadow Ryan and all of the teaching staff have been so welcoming and helpful! I even got to play Chinese drums for the first time and got an applause for my metre which was a real positive boost for me. I am really passionate about bringing my all to this team and really supporting the wonderful students here!

  • AnnieDec 13th, 2018

    I'm good thank you! I like all about school and staff here. A couple days ago Annabelle helped me at the hospital as I have an acute flu here, now everything is good. The work place and my colleagues are wonderful.

  • Kier NOV 22nd, 2018

    Hi, I am Kier,i have been with Shanghai Meiji about 5 months.China has very different culture but i could speak to everyone in Shanghai.Shanghai is very convenient especially a lot of convenient shops make my life easier.We can use wechat to pay anything in China.My teaching experience was amazing,the class was so well-behaved,one of my favourite class and i had a lot of fun with the kids.China is really great and if you really like teaching,you might consider China as one of the country to gain teaching experience.




  • Kieran NOV 1st, 2018

    I've been teaching in China for 6 months and the advice that i can give you guys don't pack too heavily,you can find a lot of things here in China and it's very easy to setup your life with open mind.Regarding teaching in the center i worked at,with all the resources and supplies together with the local teachers on hand to help us during the teaching process.I took really young kids which is they provide a lot of energy going into the classroom and it's very easy for you to engage with them and get them ready.It is really amazing experience to teach in China.




  • Sash Nov 1st , 2018

    I have been teaching in China with Shanghai Meiji for the past 6 months in the internship.It is not scary to become a teacher,it is best way to learn and gain confidence.Dont be afraid or frustrated of the job.You can do it!Regarding culture shock the first thing you should know about China is completely a cashless economy you use a lot of electornic payments so make sure your phones with wechat and a lot of applications.Get a VPN if you want to get in touch with family via using Skype and Whatapps.Lastly you will spend a lot of time working so you can order the food delivery online.It is simply amazing!



  • Gwynett Nov 1st, 2018

    I'm 22 years old and I came to China to teach English. This has been an eye opener for me because being so far away from home and knowing no one is really hard. But then as soon as I started teaching and making some friends it became so much more exciting especially working with the kids not knowing what to expect from them next. Teaching in China is the best and the kids really made me feel loved and cherished. lee: My agency, Shanghai Meiji really helped me alot from placing me in a hotel to finding me the best school to teach at. If I had to rate Shanghai Meiji, it would definitely be 15/10 They will make you feel right at home even when you are so far away from home ❤ Shanghai Meiji is simply amazing

  • The school Nov 1st, 2018

    Teacher evaluation: Annie is very patient and she gets along well with our colleagues. Suggestion: In order to achieve better mobilization of classroom atmosphere and better teaching results, we hope she will be able to increase her ability to design different activities and games during circle time and in her teaching time according to different kids' English levels. School evaluation: She is always on time and has a high degree of work coordination. Since she started to work, she has never been late or left early. We hope We will continue this great attitude and keep doing her best at work. We are grateful to the Shanghai Meiji for its support for our work. They have delivered so many high-quality foreign teachers to us and we really enjoyed this happy cooperation with them and We hope that we can continue to cooperate together happily!

  • Sophie Nov 1st, 2018

    Hello Mona, here is my testimonial. Working at Abie has been unlike any other job I have ever had. It's been fantastic so far to have my own classes and to be able to teach the children new words, songs and conversation patterns. Working life at the school is very different to anything I have ever experienced in the UK and it has been interesting to observe cultural differences at work. The other Foreign teachers at the school are great. Very friendly and willing to explain the way the classes and school work. Zhenhai has some decent things to offer and is about 45 mins away from a livelier area with more bars, restaurants and shops. Being close to Ningbo university means that there are a lot of foreigners around to meet and socialise with as well.

  • The Huaibei school Oct 29th, 2018

    Kieran treats all colleagues and children politely and is also full of energy at school every day. He expresses infectious enthusiasm to everyone at school, and he always helped other new foreign teachers to get on track soon at work. His working attitude with Teacher Riley is an example for our teachers in our center. When Teacher Kieran was in class, he always talked to each child patiently and made sure each kid could pronounce the words correctly. I remember that once, the children were naughty, Teacher Kieran adopted a conciliatory tone toward them, and worked perfectly with our Chinese teachers to complete the class content. Teacher Kieran actively treated his work, took the initiative to work overtime to complete the day's work, and often got to the center earlier to prepare the teaching aids for the day. The children and parents from our center are all fond of him.

  • Lewis Oct 22nd, 2018

    Shanghai Meiji is a professional and trustworthy choice for recruiting Foreign English Teachers. They made a great job choosing the candidates for the vacant post in our school. We also received their support and advice during the interviews, which helped us a lot when making our decision. We always received prompt replies to all of our enquiries. We will definately cooperate with them in future recruitments.

  • Becky Oct 22nd, 2018

    As principal of Ailu Kindergarten I have had the pleasure of working closely with Kris since August 2018. She is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships with her students. Kris has always been driven to develop her skills as a teacher and embraces any opportunity for professional development. Kris also has excellent written and verbal communication skills with both parents and teachers. She accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude.We are glad that she has become an integral part of our teaching team. I am very grateful to Zack of Shanghai Meiji for recommending such a great talent for us. This will be the best start for our long-term cooperation.

  • Cynthia Oct 22nd, 2018

    I have been cooperating with Shanghai Meiji since the end of 2017 and lasting almost a year. I feel that work with Zack is very delightful. Instead of working together, we actually help each other like friends. He is very professional. He gives me very clear information while recommending foreign teachers, and also helps me to choose a suitable foreign teacher in the early stage which saving a lot of time for each other. Sometimes I don't notice the small details, he will remind me at first, and showing his circumspection. The post-service is also very reassuring to me. After the recommendation has been successful, they will continue to maintain not only the quality of foreign teachers' work but also the concern of visa issues. It is my pleasure to cooperate with Zack. I believe that we will have many cooperation opportunities afterwards.

  • Claire Oct 9th, 2018

    Teacher Angelina has been working in the school for more than one year, she is responsible and has never been late of work. She is very caring for children, and the kids like her very much. The one-year contract expired, and we also renewed our second year contract with her. Before returned to her home country, The parents even prepared a small cake for her! It is easily to tell that Angelina's professional and kind hearted have won the love of parents and children. The probability of her renewal is also very high, indicating that parents have high recognition of her teaching skills. I am really grateful to Zack and Shanghai Meiji for recommending such a great foreign teacher. There will be more cooperation in the future.

  • Michelle Oct 9th, 2018

    We have collaborated with Shanghai Meiji for a period. I feel that they are the most professional one in such many recruitment institutions, especially Zack. Every time he did the background check for our candidates is done in great detail, which makes us feel relieved. The foreign teacher candidates are experienced, very caring, and meticulous in teaching. Both of parents and children like them so much! We also renewed the contract very delightly after one year of cooperation.

  • Jaco Sep 25th, 2018

    In May 2018 I set off to one of my greatest experiences and adventures to date. Teaching English as an intern with Shanghai Meiji. I will admit, the moment I finally decided to go to China and buy the plane ticket I was very excited, but also a bit scared and unsure. A wise man once told me (or I read it somewhere) that if your dreams does not scare you they are not big enough... I had no idea what to expect and really tried my best not to set a specific expectation. No expectation = No disappointment. Finally, I arrived in Shanghai! After a long day when things quieted down I was thinking about something strange... No culture shock! The culture shock only came a few months later when I really started to live like and with the locals, the moment you try to immerse yourself into the culture. You realize that the cultural difference between East and West is huge. This is what makes the trip even more amazing! Getting out of your comfort zone. Shanghai is a world class city. One of the best I have seen in my life! Everything is busy, fast and efficient. After a week of training at the offices of Shanghai Meiji I had a few interviews and was excepted to a small school a few hours from Shanghai. It is here where I would have a lot of life changing moments. I am teaching children between the ages of four and seven years of age. Something I did not expect is how much satisfaction I will get being a teacher. You have this amazing opportunity to see the students grow and develop their English skills right in front of your eyes. It is very satisfactory to see students who could not speak or understand a word of English having basic conversations with you after only a few months of teaching them. It makes you feel good when parents tell you that they can see your teaching is working because their son is starting to talk with a South African accent… Something I do have to admit is that teaching is hard work. You spend a lot of time preparing and making sure everything goes according to plan (it very seldom does). Somedays you feel like you are the best teacher in the word. The children are learning and enjoying your class. They learn so well. Then there are some days where you feel like nothing is working. The class was undisciplined and it seems like they forgot everything you taught them. It can be a rollercoaster ride at times… I found a lot more ups than downs! I really enjoyed my time here in China. To see, experience and to live in this amazing culture and country changed my life for the better. It shook off all this weird perceptions people in the West have about China. It makes you realize that there is such an amazing world outside your little box you are living in daily. I would recommend anyone to take a chance on life and experience everything for yourself. You will be amazed at what you can find!

    https://youtu.be/N2fCKUtOgXg https://youtu.be/eouL0Q4wDLc

  • Michael Sep 25th, 2018

    I was contacted by Stephan from Shanghai Meiji whilst seeking a teaching job in Shanghai. Stephan helped to find a job for me teaching primary school science at a bilingual school. This was perfect as it suited my interests as well as teaching experience. Stephan and his colleagues were professional and helpful in every way.

  • Karina Sep 20th, 2018

    I was very lucky to find Shanghai Meiji. I cooperated with Stephan and he helped me with the position I am currently working. Work description was absolutely identical to the real offer, he works very fast and the whole process took just around 2 days. Thank you for your professionalism.

  • Irina Sep 20th, 2018

    I would like to share my experience with Shanghai Meiji Company. This summer I started looking for a new job and Bhumi was one of the recruiters I added.Surprisingly,she was the only one among all of them who was very professional ,always sending me messages about arranging time and listening carefully about my job expectations. She was quite persistent ,but in a positive way showing her professional attitude towards her work.After arranging the day and time for interview ,they even accompanied me to school ,which was also nice.Moreover,even now when I ve already found a job with the company’s help,they still supervise me and help to deal with any occurring issues! My advice ,if you looking for a new job,Don’t hesitate to contact these guys,they know their job

  • Ted Sep 18th, 2018

    My name is Ted Shelov.  Last year after I ended my work at Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai Meiji, and particularly Stephan, helped me get a job as Head of English at a Bilingual High School here in Shanghai.  They were completely professional and considerate, their communication skills were excellent.  I could not have been happier with the process.  They brought me to meet the Principals and advocated for me at each turn.

  • Charles Sep 18th, 2018

    My experience with Shanghai Meiji was outstanding. Stephan worked diligently to find the best jobs available, with the requirements I gave him, leading to multiple interviews with different schools. He maintained constant contact with me to keep me informed on the status of his progress in job searching. Their help and commitment to finding me the most suitable job could not have been any better!

  • Anastasiya Sep 17th, 2018

    No matter how high your expectations are Meiji will do it’s best to meet them all. Just list your requirements and get a call from Stephan who has already set an interview for you.

  • Adam Mills Sep 17th, 2018

    Meiji helped me land my dream job. In April 2018 I was looking for my next position when I contacted Stephan, and he brought several good options to the table. He arranged a demo for me in a top 10 school in Shanghai, I went in and did well and was offered a fantastic opportunity two hours later. I've already started the new term and I couldn't be happier!

  • Julia Sep 10th, 2018

    Hello everyone! My name is Julia and I’m an English teacher. When I decided to move to China for work I came across Shanghai Meiji company. I got acquainted with Stephan who helped me a lot with all the negotiations with schools, documents I needed to prepare and procedures I needed to go through in order to start the job. I really appreciate the kindness and patience he showed towards me when explaining all the details. After arriving to Shanghai I was able to start my job immediately without any troubles. So I had a very positive experience with Shanghai Meiji and I’d recommend it to anyone!

  • Luis Sep 10th, 2018

    If you need to find a job in Shanghai, Meiji is the best agency to choose for your teaching job needs. Not only did Meiji help me find a job by sending me several job postings with reasonable salaries and packages. Meiji helped me negotiate my contract and helped me with all my visa and school questions. For those of you that don’t speak much Chinese it’s a comfort to know that they have a good staff that speaks good English, which is an extra plus. Special shout out to Stephan for helping me find my current job.

  • George Sep 10th, 2018

    Shanghai Meiji assisted me in finding the best fit according to my expectations and qualifications. So they found me a very special training centre to work there as a STEM teacher. Recruiter Bhumi tried her best and after a while she managed to find a very interesting position for me. I am really grateful for her efforts and looking forward to meeting in person in shanghai! :-)

  • Misha Sep 10th, 2018

    Hey guys i wanna tell you about Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications company . Very good guys . Friendly and helpful . They helped me to find my new working place as a kindergarten teacher and gave some good tips and training to pass that interview . Highly recommend them if you are looking for a new job !!!

  • Alana Sep 7th, 2018

    Hi, my name is Alana and I’ve had a great experience cooperating with Shanghai Meiji company. Thanks to amazing people Stephan and Zack, my job hunt was really easy and fun. They found me a perfect position I was searching for, only in couple of days after I sent my CV to their company, and placed me in a comfortable working environment. Shanghai Meiji company is very recommended by me, if you’re looking for a perfect place to work and don’t want to waste your time.

  • Wesley Sep 7th, 2018

    Hey, my name is Wesley and I’m working as an English Teacher in shanghai thanks to Meiji Agency. They arranged some interviews for me and didn’t give up until they found an amazing school, taking into consideration all my requirements. I also really appreciate Bhumi and Ronnie, they were super helpful and friendly.

  • Amy Sep 7th, 2018

    I had experience with many agencies in Shanghai, while I was looking for a teaching position. Finally, I got lucky and I found Shanghai Meiji. Shanghai Meiji helped me a lot. Recruiter Bhumi, found the position according to all my requirements. My interview was set up for tomorrow, so fast! Bhumi even asked the school to prepare all stuff for my demo. With the help of so professional and nice agents like Bhumi and Ronnie , I got this position! They are always online and interested in how everything is going at my work. To sum it up, I can say that Shanghai Meiji is the very professional agency which advances the interests of their teachers.

  • Philip Sep 7th, 2018

    My experience with both Meiji and Stephan was overall great. They were very helpful in finding me a good school and also answered any questions that I had. Even after I got the job, Meiji made sure everything was ok and going smoothly. Meiji was very professional and I will be using them again in the future.

  • Janice Timm

    The job hunting process can be stressful, but not when you link up with a professional who has your best interests in mind. Linda Park is incredible. She helped me source a job with the exact criteria I had provided her with and kept me updated throughout the entire process. It was apparent from the beginning that her goal wasn't to fill any available position, but to find the perfect fit for me. Her attention to detail, responsiveness and support made finding and securing a job abroad a breeze. Shanghai Meiji went above and beyond what is normally expected from a recruiting agency. Thank you again Shanghai Meiji and Linda Park.

  • Michael Ellis

    It is with gratitude that I am making this testimonial for Linda and Shanghai Meiji. I have had many negative experiences, with recruitment agencies in Shanghai. So, I was apprehensive when I was contacted by Linda about a teaching position. This is because many agencies look after the companies best interests. They don't care if the company is fair with its employees, or if they are honest. It's always about making a commission. With Shanghai Meiji, it is the complete opposite. They match the teacher with the best employment opportunities on the market. Satisfying both the teacher and the school is their top priority. Linda helped secure me the best position that I have had, in China. I couldn't recommend Linda and Shanghai Meiji more!

  • Gary Fisher

    After leaving my old education company I registered with Shanghai Meiji. From the beginning I felt supported and was introduced to good roles in education in Shanghai. I secured a fantastic job within a week of registering with Shanghai Meiji and have been supported with the visa application procedures. Shanghai Meiji always has solutions when problems arise. I cannot recommend Shanghai Meiji and Linda enough.

  •     Leo

    After dealing with several sketchy agents, Stephan and his collegues were a breath of fresh air. Professional, friendly amd extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They listened to requirements and didn't waste any time in finding an ideal position for me. Recommended.

  • David

    Stephan was a great help throughout the recruitment process from the start, with a personal phone call to ask for all of my important details and requirements - to finish (and beyond) when he continued to help me with visa complications long after I had been hired! Could not be happier with the service I received. Thank you so much Stephan!

  • Maggie

    Hi ! My name is Maggie . When I first came to Shanghai, I had no teaching experience at all. But after teacher training at Shanghai Meiji and their help through one year working together, now I am in love with teaching and also China. Shanghai Meiji was first step in my life in China. They provided great service and always helpful when I had difficulties in China. By the way, I have also met a lot of new friends and a loving husband.

  • Matt

    Hi everyone. My name is Matt and I'm just about to finish my one year contract with Shanghai Meiji. Almost a year ago I decided to sign up for the intern program and I can honestly say that I don't regret it. When I first came to them I didn't have much experience as an English teacher, didn't know much about teaching methods, especially how to teach English to young learners. To put it all together, I wanted to work as a teacher but all I could do was to speak English. After I signed up for the program, the first week they provided an efficient training session, which they explained how to teach small kids, how to react in different classroom situations and they helped us practice. The second week, I already got a job. Unfortunately, it didn't work out at my first job and guess what? Immediately, I got a second position. The second school was really great and I have been working there ever since. Throughout the year Shanghai Meiji provided all the support I needed the most and learning materials to help me along the way.

  • Sam

    The intern program helped me when I first arrived in China without speaking the language and had no idea how to gain my teaching skill. Wonderful trainer, Sarah at Shanghai Meiji started our trainings the first week. Shanghai Meiji helped me find an apartment, and got my Chinese sim card and also bank card. Every question I asked was quickly and professionally solved. If you ever think about teaching in China and wondering which agency to trust, you can choose Shanghai Meiji.

Latest Jobs

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    Language Learning Centre Positions

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    We have updated our newly compiled jobs available at our partnered language learning centres!


    Latest Kindergarten Positions

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    Here is our latest compiled list of Kindergarten positions available!

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    Pudong International School Position

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    One International School in Shanghai, Pudong is looking for an outstanding Teacher of Early Years to inspire, challenge and support our students to enjoy the best possible learning experiences each and every day.


    Kindergarten Teacher Position in Shanghai

    By Shanghai Meiji /Categories /Kindergarten

    Kindergarten looking for a Native English Teacher. Competitive salary depends on qualifications & experience. Work Visa sponsored by the school. Flight Allowance CNY 5000 recieved at the end of the contract.

What Partnered Schools do we have?

Kindergarten Institutions located in Shanghai and Across China:

Many of our partnered institutions are international kindergartens. These schools are in high demand of mainly native English speakers. China has a growing interest in foreign education, and many Chinese parents are seeking to send their children to international kindergartens to give them an early advantage.

Middle and High Schools located in Shanghai and around China:

International middle and high schools are in huge demand in China, and therefore so are foreign teachers. With China becoming more prosperous, parents are increasingly sending their children to international middle and high schools that prepare their child with a unique set of skills and experiences for them to enter into the real working world or into further education.

Training Centres & Language Learning Centres located in Shanghai and across China:

As China is becoming increasingly open in terms of its economy and business, people are seeking to expand their businesses abroad. More than ever, more and more people are looking to study English both after school and in their free time, to provide them with the skills to communicate with the world's universal language, English. More and more training centres are now looking for qualified English language instructors to develop their students.